The drug is a product for masculine sexual health care with wholly natural herbs, developed by many talents in medicine field supported by U.S. Herba Group. USA. The drug is high efficiency, without adverse effects. Each bottle of it was checked and tested seriously. Special herbs in the drug can repair the damaged organs caused by various reasons effectively decrease the susceptibility of membrum cerebral cortex, restrain the nervecentre of ejaculation, and help you to conquer the high stress and keep quiet.

The drug retains the biological activity substances, such as testosterone. These substances directly enter into the corpus cavernosum of membram to expand the vessels, improve blood entering, increase the content of testosterone in human blood rapidly, so as to make the erection of membrum thick, hard and vigorous. Simullationeously, they make to dormant testosterone come to revival, the cells grow again through the activation of growth factor. Improving growth and development of the membrum tissue, reinforcing growth action further, and promoting the length, thickness and bigness make the membrum develop again.

Cialise Sexual organ repair pill


  • (1) Membrum littilnes, genital organ hypoplasia membrum atrophy, prospermia and hyposexuality induced by constitutional weakness and renal deficiency of the middle age senility.
  • (2) Presons discontented with his membrum, and the persons whose membrum need to grow.
  • (3) Presons who pursue quality of life echibit the full of himself and prolong the for making love.
  • (4) To improve the tiredness, dizziness and tinnitus.

Main Composition:

  • More then 10 rare animal and plant extracts from caulis cynomorii, ginseng, tortoise plastron, sea horse penis et testis cervi, yak testis, wolfberry  fruit, velvet, cynamorlum, et al.


  • 1 pill while needed taken orally with warm boiled water.  (To take 1 pill by mouth 10-20 minitues before sexual intercourse will show surprise efficacy)

Specification: 3800 mg * 10 pills, 1 box.

Storage: Keep in a cool and dry place, away from light.

Technical supplier: UPA Bio Medicine Group Company, CA, USA.

Manufacturer: JiuDuYuan Bio Medicine Group, Ltd, Hong Kong.



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