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VIGA 500000 Delay Spray

Super Viga 500000 in Bangladesh Only Original Products Brought To You By All Market Bangladesh | Viga 500000 Long Time Delay Spray For Super Hard Long Time Sex Lover Increase sexual stamina and ejaculation timing upto 35 to 40 minutes. For Long Time Delay Prevent Premature Ejaculation Increase Stamina How To Use: Apply at Half Length of panis from front side included top . 10 minutes before intercourse . Do Not Touch Hand Just Apply and leave for 10 Minutes Almost Size: 45 ML Country of Origin: Germany Package: Box.

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Super Viga 500000 Delay Spray

Super Viga 500000 delay spray original in Germany, for men it is a superb quality product specially formulated to reduce over-sensitivity & prolong sexual pleasure. The only product in the market with the magical blend of Vitamin E and other conditioners. This delay spray will exert a calming effect to aid sexual confidence.

Helps to control your ejaculation. Added Vitamin E to nourish cells and increase cell energy stores Quick and easy to apply 5 mins before sex Easy to hide in your pocket Contains over 100 sprays each container Last longer and satisfy your partner

For best results:
1. Apply 2 sprays to the head of the penis 30 minutes before intercourse.
2. After 20 minutes apply 1 more spray and leave for a further 10 minutes.

Controlling premature ejaculation is actually a very serious and devastating
male sexual problem that many possible solutions are being thought of in order
to control it or cure it all together. This condition usually happens when the ejaculatory
muscle is unable to control the penis from ejaculating due to extreme and heightened

sexual intensity during sexual intercourse. At times the condition becomes too embarrassing with instances such as ejaculation at a single touch or when in an erotic conversation before intercourse. It affects the person’s relationship with his partner, his overall sexual experience, and of course his own confidence in himself, which is why most, if not all, men look for solutions over the internet or over the counters in

drugstores. One of the newest inventions aimed to tackle this problem is the ejaculation delay spray, to improve your sexual performance in bed and satisfy your lady, giving her multiple orgasms. This spray basically contains medical anesthetic which works to reduce the sensations one feels when being touched in

the penis. Since the main reason why most men don’t last long in bed is because of heightened sensations, the best way to fix the problem is to reduce the sensations slightly in order to prolong ejaculation. Delay spray desensitize the Penis when sprayed to the head and works within 5 minutes of being sprayed. Once used you can have sex for up to 10 times longer than previously.

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