Video Door Phone

  • Color video door pone system in Bangladesh.
  • Interact with your visitor:  Two-way communication:
  • Increased security: Crystal clear speaker sounds:
  • Superior video quality:  Ease of installations:
  • Warranty 1 year

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Interact with your visitor:

The Video-Intercom system permits you to interact with your visitor without the necessity to open the door. It helps you to clearly identify your visitor and their purpose of visit by conversing with them. Thereby, helps you to be selective on who enters your home/office.

Two-way communication:

It gives an unparalleled protection to your place by allowing a two-way communication with your visitors. Either parties can speak and listen to the opposite party. Attempting to converse over a closed door, always has its audible issues. A VDP makes it much easier and much clearer to converse.

Increased security:


By being selective on your visitors, it also increases your safety and security. You can always decide for closed doors on anyone, whom you feel uncomforting or insecurity. The system also integrates with your home security or CCTV cameras in place. And it allows you to detect any intruders, with the capability to send a distress signal in call for an emergency.


Ease of installations:


The new wireless product line comes with an advantage on installation. It eliminates the necessity for architectural alterations and wiring requirements. It also helps your doorway to attain a much elegant look, and you can experience a modern lifestyle.


Crystal clear speaker sounds:


With technically advanced speakers, the system is capable of producing sounds that are crystal clear. Parties on either side of the system can hear each other loud and clear, without any disruptions or noise.


Superior video quality:


The system allows video transmission to either ends, with a full high definition quality. The visitor and resident can see each other without any disruption in their video.

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