Dragon Condom Silicone

  • Dragon Condom Silicone

  •  The new stretchable magic material. Feeling and sensibility is unprecedented. Super- elastic sleeve.
  •  Package Includes: Dragon Magic Condom.
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৳ 2,150.00


 Dragon Condom Silicone

1. Ultra-thin/Extremely thin Penis Sleeve. Thanks to the advanced Micro injection molding technology, it is more than 70% less thick than normal sleeves.

2. Prolong Ejaculation. It is absolutely good condom, but also can lower the sensitivity of the penis to

3. Achieve the later ejaculation. Girding. It is personalized design based on the penis size. With the girding, don npt worry it will falling off, it can well stick on your cock when you are making love.

4. Female Ejaculation. It is designed to enjoy both men and women. With the dots and thread, your lady will feel amazing when your penis insert in, just like a mace touching her G-spot. And the ejaculation time will be 5 times improved, really a sex feast!

5. Touches between woman’s vagina when pull and plug, make her itching and numb body shaking under your attack continually

6. Particles friction pleasure2 lock waist 12 segment thread,Good fresh thorn spike, fresh thorn wolf toothront part 40 fresh thorn wolf tooth, it is the fuse of passion, make female s creams, even some not easy satisfied woman, will be convinced by this explosive stimulate!

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