Original Super Viga 50000 Retardant Spray 45 cc aphrodisiac for men Special

Usage: 30 minutes before sexual activity used spray 1-2 times.

Box: 45 cc liquid.

WARNING: For external use only. Do not exceed 2 sprays in each application. Close the lid tightly after use and keep it.Keep between 5-25 degrees Celsius. Koruyun.18 under sunlight and heat is not recommended for people using this product. Of patients with heart and blood pressure problems using this product is not recommended. Should be used only one time in 24 hours. Of people receiving drug treatment for any inconvenience consultation with a doctor is recommended to use. If you see any side effects, contact your doctor. Light receiving a cool, dry place and keep out of reach of children.

Product details
Product Type: Male Prevent Premature Ejaculation Products Products Delay Spray Long Time Sex
usage: Shake the bottle then slightly spray round the wanted area. appy 3times or more,not to exceed 5times,to head and shaft of penis 100-15minutes before intercourse
capacity: 45ml/bottle
product weight: 60g/bottle



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